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An Alphabetized List of Non-Zarathushtrian Authors who have contributed works on Avesta, Parsis and Zarathushtrianism

Compiled and standardized by Noshir Minocher Khambatta

It is with great pleasure that I present to the world wide interested audience of Zarathushtrian lore, an alphabetized list of Non-Zarathushtrian authors who directly or indirectly have contributed to the knowledge of the Avestan language, the history, geography and sociology of the Parsis, and any and all matters pertaining to Zarathushtrianism.

A similar alphabetized list of Parsi and Zarathushtrian scholars has also been compiled who have directly or indirectly contributed to the knowledge of the Avestan language, the history, geography and sociology of the Parsis, and any and all matters pertaining to Zarathushtrianism. (Note of Nima Sadjadi: unfortunately Mr. Noshir Khambatta declined to contribute this Hand-List on Farvardyn website, my own Hand-List, which is, of course, not as good as his, could be found here.)

These lists have been compiled since 1968, in an attempt to have a Name-Authority List of authors, whose names appear in several forms and styles in various languages and formats. The list is comprehensive, but not complete as work on it is still in progress, and new authors manifest themselves ever so often.

The names have been standardized in the form, a native of that language would most likely Romanize his/her name following the Romanization Scheme as followed by his/her country. In the absence of any specific information, the name as printed on a given work has been recorded. The last names or the surnames have been used as most often used in the author’s country and have not been modified to accomodate national level libraries or computer’s shortcomings.

Some of my major sources of reference have been the Pre-1956 National Union Catalog of the United States of America, with all it’s supplementaries, the British Museum Catalogue (re-named and re-edited as The British Library General Catalogue of Printed Books to 1975 and onward), the British National Bibliography, the catalogue of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the Deutsche Nationalbibliographie, Primo Catalogo Collectivo delle Biblioteche Italiane, the Australian National Bibliography, the card catalogues of about a score of internationally renowned university libraries and museums, the Religion Index, a host of national and international periodicals indexes and bibliographic directories and hundreds of felicitation volumes (e.g. festschrifts, mélanges, memorial volumes, etc.)

An oft-quoted adage that “a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link” is metaphorically speaking very applicable for a compilation of this nature in matters of accuracy and depth of information. Since the names are extracted from standard sources, the errors in the originals have of course been transmitted subconsciously and inveterately. I have corrected, modified and altered several thousands of these trivial and typographical errors, but some still remain for it is a near impossible task for a single individual to authenticate them with original sources. As always I shall be deeply indebted to my readers if they can point out and rectify these discrepancies. In such matters no form of criticism should be witheld from me for any reason whatsoever. Authors who find their names wrongly published must get contact with webmaster at to rectify these errors with adequate documentary case to prove their point.

To Time and Dear Readers I leave this work to be judged for posterity and it’s worthiness.

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